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Drugs and Pharmacy

Save on prescription drugs with special programs.

Pharmacy Coverage

Get covered drugs using our large network of trusted pharmacies.

Find a Pharmacy

Find your plan's list of covered drugs or pharmacies on Hally.

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Drug Formulary

Find all the drugs covered by your plan. Use the index at the end to find your drug quickly.

2023 Self-Funded, Large Group, and Transitional Small Group Formulary

2023 Small Group ACA Formulary

Doctor giving prescription

If you are a FirstHealth Employee or covered through a FirstHealth Employee plan, go here.

Tier 1 Generics

Talk to your doctor about prescribing a lower cost Tier 1 drug.

Mail Order

Limit your trips to the pharmacy with our convenient mail-order benefit. With this benefit, you can get a 90-day supply of certain medications delivered directly to you. Use the link to sign up for mail order service.

If you prefer to pick up your prescription from a retail pharmacy you still can. With our expansive pharmacy network you can find one near you

Forms and Resources

Extra Help Program

You might be able to get help to pay for your prescription drug premiums and costs through the Extra Help program. Contact our pharmacy department at (800) 481-1092 to discuss your options and support.

Prescription Reimbursement

For members to request reimbursement when they have paid for a prescription where it wasn’t put through their insurance. Contact the health plan at the number on the back of your ID card for more information.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Portal

OptumRx administers the prescription drug benefits for members. For questions regarding your prescription drug benefits, log in to view your plan details.

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